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These ideas are primarily for elementary science teachers.  See ideas and descriptions in our photo gallery.  Topics Included: properties of matter, the lunar cycle, food webs, metric measurement, collecting data, natural resources, photosynthesis, erosion, space, weather, ecosystems, and MORE!

Looking for strategies to make sure notebooks are high quality, accessible for diverse learners, and organized learning tools?

  • direct instruction
  • reflection
  • peer communication
  • Metacognition
  • a record of learning
  • ​providing Feedback
  • ​Student Ownership
  • ​Differentiation

Science Notebooks Are Great!

"Science notebooks are a valuable

tool. They provide me with pre-assessment knowledge when the students respond to a prompt, they provide students a study guide for tests. They provide students a compilation of content that can not only be used that year but years after!"

                                        -Gwyn B.


Notebooks Help With...

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Do you have questions about using Interactive Science Notebooks?  You're not alone!

  • What goes in a science notebook?
  • What are "input" and "output"?
  • Are science notebooks research-based?
  • What accommodations can I give students with special needs?
  • How do you teach students your expectations?
  • How do you not spend the entire time cutting, gluing, and coloring?

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